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.push(Function() { proper_display('tvtropes_content_2'); }); Examples:     open/close all folders  After has made contact Janus and asked for a meeting at the Grand Hotel Europe Janus sends Onatopp to kill him After leaves the hotel's pool he reveals that he anticipated Onatopp's arrival and aims his gun at her Onatopp tries to seduce but shoves her off him As he loses his gun in the process Onatopp attacks him climbing on top of him and trying to suffocate him her as she did the admiral However drops her rear end into a vat of hot water so that she releases him out of the sudden pain and he then grabs his gun forcing her to bring him to Janus Onatopp drives to an abandoned junkyard claiming that Janus is waiting for him After knocking her out exits her car and walks towards the Tiger helicopter which he spots in the distance Display Show Spoilers Night Vision Sticky Header Wide Load updateDesktopPrefs(); .push(function() { proper_display('tvtropes_side_1'); }); Crucial Browsing Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp is a character in the film GoldenEye played by actress Famke Janssen She was a fighter pilot and an assassin a trademark thigh-grip working for the renegade agent Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) Sayid: I'm not going to hurt you Hurley Hurley: Yeah I saw you snap that guy's neck that break dancing thing you do your legs I think I'll hang back here — Lost Smoking cigars Goals Help Alec Trevelyan complete his vengeful plot against Britain and kill (failed) Crimes ted . ct g authorities. Community Showcase More Video Game Villains Nigel Bloch | Raphael Drake | Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi | Armitage Rook | Nikolai Diavolo | Katya Nadanova Organizations SMERSH | SPECTRE | Quantum | Janus /pmwiki /Main/Murderous Following Murderous.     fan Fic  From Urusei Yatsura: The Senior Year by Gorgo we have the Thunder- Flying Takedown Onatopp has appeared in a number of video games as a playable multiplayer character

In her final encounter in Cuba she ambushes him and Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco) by rappeling from a helicopter and begins torturing him between her legs However is able to connect the rope she rappelled down to her safety harness grabs her AK-74 rifle and shoots down the helicopter her rifle The result pulls Onatopp off and sends her flying screaming into the crotch of a tree her safety harness crushing her to death quips "She always did enjoy a good squeeze." Onatopp Origin GoldenEye Occupation Operative of the crime syndicate Janus Powers/Skills SexualityCunningVery strong legs Helicopter pilotingMilitary trainingMarksship Less risqué could be called "Murderous Calves" or "Murderous Ankles" Same general idea but lower on the legs Men are rarely seen using this partly because of their obvious vulnerability when attempting it However due the increased popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and awareness of the effectiveness of moves like the triangle choke or the figure four headscissors it's slightly more common and generally used to demonstrate either Combat Pragmatism legitimate fighting training. In the game Nightfire Onatopp also appears as a multiplayer character She can be unlocked by a cheat on the cheats menu as Janus the organization she works for in. Xenia Onatopp is extremely erotically sexy sadistic cold-hearted sexually sociopathic and villainously playful She had an amicable relationship Alec Trevelyan (possibly a rotic one) and the rest of her Janus associates Tvtropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@ Privacy Policy     pinball  Sega Pinball's GoldenEye has the "Xenia Encounter" where villainess Xenia Onatopp a Naval Captain her Anna Katherine Amacker and Donna Ashley Moore suggest that Onatopp is a "direct throwback to the earlier style of girl complete an innuendo-laden name and a blatant sexuality."[5] Robert A Saunders suggests that she "personifies the hypersexualized archetype of the post-Soviet wo."[6] Probably not the sort of thing you'd want for your in memoriam Onatopp in casino of Montecarlo The same night encountered Onatopp again at a casino where the two played a game of Bacara Onatopp lost the game which did not sit well her Cursing she left the table followed her and engaged in a conversation correctly guessing her nationality from her accent After talking about Onatopp's car the conversation turning to the fact that it is counterfeit Xenia left the mentioned admiral leading to the fatal night on the yacht meanwhile contacted the MI6 and found out that Onatopp had ties to the Janus crime syndicate He was told to continue observing her After hacking the computer inside the train and finding the location of Alec's base Natalya and age to leave the train before it explodes They set out to Cuba to defeat Alec Death While flying over a lake while searching for the base 's plane is shot by a missile that comes straight out of the lake and crashes into the forest After the crash Alec sends Onatopp in a helicopter to search for survivors Later pursues a fleeing Ourumov who has taken Natalya Ourumov eventually arrives at Janus' converted missile train drives his tank on the rails intending to derail the train Alec orders a hench to keep the train at full speed to ram 's tank However uses the tank to shoot at the train killing the driver as well as blasting the front cabin The driverless train crashes into the tank and derails knocking everyone inside off.     poetry  Referenced by Robert E Howard in "A Tribute to the Sportsship of the Fans": Clamp the scissors on his neck/and choke him till he's. Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp is one of the two secondary antagonists in the film GoldenEye She serves as Alec Trevelyan's personal hench Her sadistic sexual proclivities coupled her overall lack of conscience would seem to qualify her as a psychopath She was portrayed by Famke Janssen who also portrayed Jean Grey in the X-Men film series in the third film is where she would become Dark Phoenix

Xenia Onatopp born in the former Soviet republic of Georgia was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force After the collapse of the USSR she joined the crime syndicate Janus led by renegade MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan Her main characteristic is that she apparently can receive sexual satisfaction through killing In a memorable scene she lures a Canadian admiral onto her yacht moored off Monte Carlo While the two are having sex she suddenly wraps her legs around him and his chest between her achieving orgasm while killing him Afterward she steals the admiral's ID On her way to the admiral's yacht she raced another driver down the serpentines unbeknownst to her this driver was no other than Both only raced for fun however as they weren't enemies at. She appeared in the spinoff game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent where she works for Dr Julius No and is Agent GoldenEye's alluring opponent She is comder of Dr No's army which has taken over the Hoover Dam She is killed after being thrown off of the Hoover Dam while fighting Goldeneye In the game her likeness was based on Famke Jannsen but was voiced by actress. The Professional Wrestling moves the frankensteiner and hurricanrana can overlap this trope but are more often used by a Fragile Speedster Somewhat related to Ass Kicks You Compare and contrast Armed Legs Truth in Television; see Real Life section Her first appearance was in the 1997 video game adaptation of GoldenEye GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 She is Trevelyan on the train stage of the game If the player quickly shoots her after eliminating Ourumov she will yell to Trevelyan that she is wounded and to wait up for her; this buys the player more time to escape from the train She later reappears in the jungle stage Similar to the film she is killed in the jungles of Cuba in a firefight Killing Onatopp is the only way for the player to dual-wield two different guns in the game out a complex series of button presses; she uses an RC-P90 and a grenade launcher at the.

Xenia born in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic is a former officer and fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force After the collapse of the Soviet Union she joins the crime syndicate Janus led by renegade MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan Early in the movie (Pierce Brosnan) gets into a car chase her meets her at a casino and places her under surveillance Having grown suspicious infiltrates the admiral's yacht and finds the 's body Meanwhile Onatopp uses the admiral's ID to get access to the presentation of the prototype of a high-profile test flight of a Eurocopter Tiger She secretly kills both pilots and disguised as a pilot herself flies off the helicopter arrives too late to. The premise is simple Whether to deliver a Neck Snap or slow strangulation sometimes even other injuries the (usually) girl takes hold of her victim between her and either squeezes or twists sometimes both The result is either a painful death or unconsciousness from strangulation This move is often seen in combination My Hands Tied thanks to not requiring arms This method of attack is more commonly used by women than men in fiction probably because of the sexual attractiveness of girls' and because women are generally considered more likely to have strong legs. Onatopp and Ourumov arrive at the bunker Arriving at Siberia hours later Ourumov and Onatopp enter a base gaining entrance through Ourumov's position Ourumov and Xenia enter the satellite base where the corrupt general orders one of his men to give him the GoldenEye and authorization codes they need to test-fire the GoldenEye Upon receiving these Xenia suddenly shoots and murders all the military personnel and technicians present again getting sexually aroused in the process Together Ourumov and Onatopp arm the GoldenEye to fire on the base in order to eliminate the evidence The two leave pleased their success not knowing one person is still alive - Natalya Simonova Due to the EMP attack of GoldenEye all pursuing fighting jets are rendered immobile but Onatopp and Ourumov escape safely inside.     films — Animated  In Wreck-It Ralph Zangief brags about his ability to crush men's heads between his like sparrow eggs This is despite the fact that Zangief does not have such a technique in the actual Street Fighter series unless you count piledrivers When the MI6 finds out about the attack realizes that the Janus group is behind the attack on the base Watching satellite footage of the scene he finds out that one person is still alive M also finds out that despite the s denying it because he doesn't fit the profile Ourumov must be involved To find GoldenEye is sent to Russia Together Boris Grishenko the traitor who revealed the location of the GoldenEye to Janus Onatopp later kidnaps Natalya after she has revealed herself.     music  Fem 2 Fem's Make Me Love U — "Hold Me down / those legs of steel / and then kiss me / so genteel." Lemon Demon's "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" - "But Chuck saw through his clever disguise and he crushed Bat's head in between his "     reality TV  So You Think You Can Dance: This is why you don't want an acrobatic dancer as a deranged girlfriend