Blessing of samesex unions in Christian churches

August 28, 2018 10:54 pm

August 28, 2018 10:54 pm

Reverend Graham also said he has faith neither in the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party but has faith in God and is urging people to live their faith to pray and to vote.“What’s happened is the evangelical vote has not been heard and I want them to get out and at least make their vote count," said Rev Graham in a Feb 7 interview with Slade WSB Radio in Atlanta Ga.  "Now I d’t have any faith in the Republican Party and I d’t have any faith in the Democratic Party I believe the ly hope really is God."  Brian Houst Homosexuality and by NMenzie1 To enjoy our website you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser Please click here to. In a news release Green Street church officials said that the denominati’s Book of Discipline calls homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teaching,” and forbids the ordaining of “self avowing and practicing homosexuals.” The United Methodist Church has been divided in recent years over the issue of homosexuality and same-sex A United Methodist in Pennsylvania was defrocked in 2013 for performing a same-sex ceremy and later reinstated The Rev Michael Rich communicatis manager for the Western North Carolina Cference said that Goodpaster received the complaint before going to a council of Methodist bishops earlier this mth “He has initiated a supervisory respse,” Rich said “Because this is a persnel matter this will have to be de in a cfidential manner Until this process has run its course there will not be a public statement by the bishop.” Hillsg Church Brian Houst has issued a statement specifying his positi and homosexuality after a news outlet reported that he "w't take (a) public positi LGBT issues."The news report came after Houst brought up the topics of homosexuality and same-sex at a press cference held Thursday with New York City media the occasi of Hillsg Cference being held at Madis Square Garden."I encourage people not to assume a media headline accurately represents what I said at a recent press cference," Houst says in a statement emailed to The Christian Post Saturday.

As the radio interview ctinued host Slade said "When I asked Rev Graham why he thought this was the most important electi in his lifetime he went in a directi I didn’t expect What makes this e different than the last two or three?"(AP photo.)Rev Graham said “Because of the course that we have taken these last eight years Same-sex We see that the table I see this as a major moral failure of our nati Aborti no questi But now that we’re accepting same-sex — the transgender issue that is being forced in many communities by the left." View the discussi thread. Covers line Public File • Terms of Service • Privacy Policy • 2005 Francis St High Point NC 27263 • Copyright © 2018 WGHP • A Tribune Broadcasting Stati • Powered by VIP "how many transgender people do you think there are in the world?" said Rev Graham  "Are there a few hundred a few thousand? We’re going to change all of society millis and millis of American people to accommodate where just a handful of people who want to go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous.” Slade then asked, “When you come to Atlanta will you be announcing an endorsement like Jerry Falwelll Jr did?"Rev Graham said, “No I’m not going to endorse any candidates I’m going to encourage people to vote and to get involved in the process I’m not going to get behind any candidates or endorse any?” (Bruce /Journal) (From left) Chappell and Kenny Barner watch as the Rev Kelly Carpenter of Green Street United Methodist Church addresses the crowd during a press cference at the sanctuary of Green Street United Methodist Church in Winst-Salem N.C Wednesday Barner and Chappell have filed a formal complaint against Rev Carpenter for violating the Discipline of the United Methodist Church by refusing to preside over the two men’s ceremy The church made headlines in 2013 when it announced that it would not cduct s for heterosexual couples until the denominati allows s to cduct same-sex s.

Sectis Home Washingt Natial Internatial Commentary Video Blog Cartos Social "it’s just the beginning of a moral slaught this nati," he said.  Slade:  “When I asked him that there are those who believe the LGBT community belgs under God’s tent too, he said --"“First of all this is ridiculous for a pers to be able to wake up in the morning and say ‘You know I feel like I’m a woman today,'" said Rev Graham "For a man to say ‘I feel like a woman I’m going to go into a woman’s bathroom.’   There are certain things that – we need privacy in this world The left wants to take all privacy away from individuals." According to the church Green Street members Kenny Barner and Chappell describing themselves as a couple who have been together for nine years filed the complaint against their the Rev Kelly P Carpenter The complaint was filed with Bishop Larry Goodpaster who leads the Western North Carolina Cference of the United Methodist Church of which Green Street is a member The two men are charging Carpenter with violating a church discipline that calls s to “be in ministry with all people,” and also are complaining against what they are calling “gender discriminati.” Carpenter said recently that he believes couples should be able to get married in the United Methodist Church but went to say that Goodpaster had “made it clear he will enforce the discipline” against same-sex in the church. Rev Graham 63 is married and has five children In additi to running the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associati, he also oversees the internati Christian relief group Samaritan's Purse. Franklin Graham regularly preaches in the United States and abroad.  Please support CNSNews today! (a 501c3 n-profit producti of the Media Research Center) The New York Times published a report  Houst's remark under the headline "Megachurch Signals Shift in Te " and notes that the Hillsg Church 's "spokesman said Friday that the persally agreed with traditial Christian teaching sexuality."The Religi News Service published in its report (under the headline "Hillsg's Brian Houst says church w't take public positi LGBT issues"):Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler declared from his blog in June of 2014 "There is no third way [same-sex issues]."But Brian Houst of Hillsg Church a global family of cgregatis comprising more than 30,000 weekly attendees and millis of worship music album sales apparently disagrees with Mohler At least.

Rev Franklin Graham (FNC)Rev Franklin Graham urged evangelical Christians to get involved in the electioral process and "make their vote count," adding that the 2016 race is vitally important because homosexual aborti and now transgender laws are the table marking "just the beginning of a moral slaught the nati." "[T]his is ridiculous," said Rev Graham," for a pers to be able to wake up in the morning and say 'You know I feel like I'm a woman today,' For a man to say 'I feel like a woman I'm going to go into a woman's bathroom.' This is ridiculous." As CP noted in a previous report Hillsg Church has amg its 12 global campuses two operating in Los Angeles and New York City both diverse and progressive cities where same-sex is prompted by The New York Times' questi for clarificati went to emphasize that for him questis about his positi homosexuality were "too important for us to reduce" down to a "yes or no answer in a media outlet." His remarks were similar to those previously made by Hillsg NYC Carl Lentz who has declined to take a public "yea or nay" positi homosexuality. Winst-Salem N.C — A couple at Green Street United Methodist Church has filed a complaint with their bishop charging that their violated church discipline by refusing to preside at a ceremy for them — despite the denominati’s rules that forbid same-sex s Green Street church planned a press cference Wednesday night to announce the filing of the complaint according to the Winst-Salem Journal. The bishop will follow set procedures for handling the complaint Rich said “As the process ctinues if there was anything out of line that the had de it could lead to a trial or to further things,” Rich said emphasizing that such actis if they occurred at all would be “at the farthest end” of the process Rich said no clergy in the cference has attempted to preside at a same-sex wedding nor have any church members complained about a for failing to perform them try { _402_Show(); } catch(e) {} Filed in: News The RNS report goes to state that after the Times' request for clarificati " Houst would not offer a definitive answer instead saying that it was 'an going cversati' amg church leaders and they were " the journey with it.'"Listen to Houst's (and Lentz's) respse made at Thursday's press cference in the audio player below:Nicola MenzieRead Houst's respse to media reports below in the following statement: "and if we turn out as evangelical Christians -- both for men and women who have godly principles and who are willing to follow what I would  say is God’s leading in their lives -- those are the men and women we need to vote for," he said.“But I d’t have any faith in a system any faith in a party," said the reverend s of Billy Graham.  "I have faith in God And I think there’s good men and women out there running but we’ve got to get behind them and back them and support them So I’m going across the country It’s called the Decisi America Tour.”Franklin Graham's Decisi America Tour 2016 will visit all 50 states leading up to the November electis where he will preach and invite people to get involved in the U.S electoral process.  "nowhere in my answer did I diminish biblical truth or suggest that I or Hillsg Church supported " he adds "I challenge people to read what I actually said rather than what was reported that I said My persal view the subject of homosexuality would line up with most traditially held Christian views I believe the writings of Paul are clear this subject." Copyright 1998-2018 The missi of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish The MRC is a research and educati organizati operating under Secti 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and ctributis to the MRC are tax-deductible Copyright © 2017 Media Research Center All Rights Reserved. The questi that resulted in Houst's remarks homosexuality centered how his church tries to remain relevant In his respse the Hillsg offered homosexual as an issue that is a challenge for some churches Traditial Christian teachings define as a uni between a man and a woman."I think with the church the message is sacred but the methods have to change for the church to stay relevant," said Houst "And it's challenging It's challenging to stay relevant I mean if we go to the e big hot topic maybe for churches now with homosexual legalized and churches for generatis they hold a set of beliefs around what they believe the Word of God the Bible says All of a sudden in many circles the church can look like a pariah because to many people it's so irrelevant now … So staying relevant is a big challenge I think it's more than just singing more ctemporary sgs and the colors you paint your walls or whatever." During the press cference preceding the start of Hillsg Cference in NYC Houst his wife and co- Bobbie Houst and Hillsg NYC s Joel Houst and Carl Lentz also took questis related to Frank Houst's child sex abuse involvement and how Hillsg manages its mey Read more about the press cference here: Hillsg Brian Houst Hammered With Questis About Sex Abuse Homosexuality Finances at Start of NYC Church was founded by s Brian and Bobbie Houst in 1983 and attracts about 30,000 worshippers weekly The megachurch known for its annual cferences and popular worship ministry lists 12 Hillsg campuses in Europe Africa and the U.S and numerous extensi services its website.